Type Method


Creates an object whose resolution involves the successful matching of the specified value.


+ (instancetype)successWithResolvedPaymentAmount:(INPaymentAmount *)resolvedPaymentAmount;



The value that resolves the requested value of the intent. This value may be different than the one specified in the intent object.

Return Value


Use this method to create a result object when you are able to resolve the payment amount for a bill. For payment amounts representing the account’s current balance, amount due, or minimum amount due, a successful resolution signifies that you know the amount of money to transfer from the user’s account to the bill payee.

See Also

Creating a Resolution Result Object

+ confirmationRequiredWithPaymentAmountToConfirm:

Creates an object whose resolution requires that the user confirm the value before proceeding.

+ disambiguationWithPaymentAmountsToDisambiguate:

Creates an object whose resolution requires the user to select from among the specified objects.