Information about a form of payment supported by your app.


class INPaymentMethod : NSObject


An INPaymentMethod object describes a way in which a user can pay for services. A payment method object stores information that you can display to the user when choosing payment options. Specifically, the object stores information about the type of payment, the name of the payment service, and an icon for any related brand information. Typical payment methods include credit cards and bank accounts. For example, you would use a payment method object to specify information about a brand of credit card that you support.

You create payment method objects as needed and include them in any appropriate response objects. The names of payment methods in a single response should be different to avoid confusion, but their types may still be the same. For example, you can have multiple credit card payment methods as long as each one has a unique name.


Initializing a Payment Object

init(type: INPaymentMethodType, name: String?, identificationHint: String?, icon: INImage?)

Initializes the payment method object with the specified type and descriptive information.

class func applePay() -> Self

Creates and returns a payment method object that represents payment through Apple Pay.

Getting the Payment Information

var type: INPaymentMethodType

The type of account used as the source of funds.

enum INPaymentMethodType

Constants describing the available payment options.

var name: String?

The name of this payment type.

var identificationHint: String?

The hint for identifying the payment method.

var icon: INImage?

The image representing the payment method.


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