Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the person is the current user of the device.


var isMe: Bool { get }


It’s essential that you set isMe to true for the current device user when creating an INPerson object for use with Messaging intents. For example, if the sender of an outgoing message is also the user of the device, set isMe to true. Similarly, when creating the recipient array for an incoming message—which should include the current device user—set isMe to true for the person in the recipient list that is the current device user, and set isMe to false for all other recipients.

To set isMe, call the init(personHandle:nameComponents:displayName:image:contactIdentifier:customIdentifier:isMe:) method when creating the INPerson object.

See Also

Getting Identifiying Information

var personHandle: INPersonHandle?

The unique handle that your app assigned to the user.

var image: INImage?

An image of the person.

var aliases: [INPersonHandle]?

An array of alternate identifiers for the user.

var handle: String?

The unique identifier that your app assigned to the user.