The identifying information for a user of your app.


class INPersonHandle : NSObject


An INPersonHandle object contains information that you use to uniquely identify a user of your app. When resolving a person associated with an intent, you might create instances of this class and add them to an INPerson object when resolving an intent involving that person. Handles contain unique information such as an email address or phone number.


Initializing a Person Handle

init(value: String?, type: INPersonHandleType, label: INPersonHandleLabel?)

Initializes and returns a person handle with the specified data.

init(value: String?, type: INPersonHandleType)

Initializes and returns a person handle with the specified data.

Getting the Handle Information

var type: INPersonHandleType

The type of information contained in the handle.

var value: String?

The data for the handle.

var label: INPersonHandleLabel?

A standard label that describes the meaning of the information.


enum INPersonHandleType

Constants indicating the types of data that can be associated with a person handle.


Inherits From

See Also


class INPerson

The information about a user involved in a SiriKit interaction.

struct INPersonHandleLabel

Constants describing how the person handle relates to the user.