The preferences and authorization related to using SiriKit.


class INPreferences : NSObject


Use the class methods of INPreferences to perform tasks related to the use of SiriKit. An iOS app must request authorization to use SiriKit before Siri or Maps are allowed to call on its Intents extension to handle intents. To request authorization, call the requestSiriAuthorization(_:) method at some point during your app’s execution. The first time you call this method, the user is prompted to grant or deny authorization for your app. The user can change the authorization settings for your app later in the system settings. You can get your app’s current authorization status using the siriAuthorizationStatus() method.


Managing the App’s Authorization

class func siriAuthorizationStatus() -> INSiriAuthorizationStatus

Returns the current authorization status of your app.

enum INSiriAuthorizationStatus

Constants indicating the authorization status of your Intents extension.

Getting the Siri Language

class func siriLanguageCode() -> String

Returns the language that Siri uses to communicate with the user.


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