An object that describes the pattern to use when repeating an event.


class INRecurrenceRule : NSObject


Use an INRecurrenceRule object to define a repeating pattern for date ranges. Typically, you use recurrence rules when defining date ranges that you associate with a trigger, such as an INTemporalEventTrigger object. Using a recurrence rule avoids the need to create a new trigger each time the old one fires.


Initializing a Recurrence Rule

init(interval: Int, frequency: INRecurrenceFrequency)

Initializes the recurrence rule to the specified frequency and interval.

Getting the Rule Conditions

var frequency: INRecurrenceFrequency

The time frame for which the rule applies.

enum INRecurrenceFrequency

The time frame for which the rule applies.

var interval: Int

The interval at which the recurrence rule is applied.


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