An object that defines a shortcut and its relevance to the user.


class INRelevantShortcut : NSObject


Creating a Relevant Shortcut

init(shortcut: INShortcut)

Creates a relevant shortcut with the specified shortcut.

Accessing Relevant Shortcut Information

var shortcut: INShortcut

A reference to the shortcut used to create the relevant shortcut.

var shortcutRole: INRelevantShortcutRole

The role of the relevant shortcut.

enum INRelevantShortcutRole

Roles for a relevant shortcut.

Managing Relevance Providers

var relevanceProviders: [INRelevanceProvider]

Additional relevance information attached to the shortcut.

Managing the Siri Watch Face

var watchTemplate: INDefaultCardTemplate?

The template that the Siri watch face uses to display the relevant shortcut.


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First Steps

Defining Relevant Shortcuts for Your App

Provide Siri relevant shortcuts to display on the Siri watch face.

class INRelevantShortcutStore

An object that saves relevant shortcuts.