Type Method


Creates an object whose resolution indicates that the specified value is not supported.


class func unsupported(forReason reason: INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason) -> Self



The reason why the currency amount is unsupported. For a list of possible values, see INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason.

Return Value


Use this method when the specified currency amount does not met the payment criteria for your service. For example, you might specify this value when the user requests money in an unsupported currency or the request exceeds the maximum transfer limit for the user’s account.

See Also

Creating a Resolution Result Object

enum INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason

Constants indicating the reason for being unable to resolve the currency amount.

init(currencyAmountResolutionResult: INCurrencyAmountResolutionResult)

Creates a resolution result object with the specified currency amount resolution result object.