A resolution result for the currency amount associated with a payment request.


class INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountResolutionResult : INCurrencyAmountResolutionResult


An INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountResolutionResult object is what you return when resolving parameters containing an INCurrencyAmount value. Use the creation method that best reflects your ability to resolve the parameter successfully.

For additional resolution options, see INCurrencyAmountResolutionResult and INIntentResolutionResult.


Creating a Resolution Result Object

class func unsupported(forReason: INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution indicates that the specified value is not supported.

enum INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason

Constants indicating the reason for being unable to resolve the currency amount.

init(currencyAmountResolutionResult: INCurrencyAmountResolutionResult)

Creates a resolution result object with the specified currency amount resolution result object.


Conforms To

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Resolution Results

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A resolution result for account types.

class INBalanceTypeResolutionResult

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class INPaymentAccountResolutionResult

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class INPaymentAmountResolutionResult

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class INPaymentMethodResolutionResult

Describes the result of resolving a payment method.

class INPaymentStatusResolutionResult

A resolution result for the payment status of a bill during a search.

class INRequestPaymentPayerResolutionResult

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class INSendPaymentCurrencyAmountResolutionResult

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class INSendPaymentPayeeResolutionResult

A resolution result for the recipient of a payment.

class INVisualCodeTypeResolutionResult

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