Constants indicating the reason for being unable to resolve the currency amount.


enum INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason : Int



case paymentsAmountBelowMinimum

The payment amount is below the minimum transfer amount established by your app.

case paymentsAmountAboveMaximum

The payment amount exceeds the maximum transfer amount allowed by your app for the user.

case paymentsCurrencyUnsupported

The payment currency is not supported by your app.

See Also

Creating a Resolution Result Object

class func unsupported(forReason: INRequestPaymentCurrencyAmountUnsupportedReason) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution indicates that the specified value is not supported.

init(currencyAmountResolutionResult: INCurrencyAmountResolutionResult)

Creates a resolution result object with the specified currency amount resolution result object.