Constants indicating the state of the response.


enum INRequestRideIntentResponseCode : Int



case unspecified

There is no specified response code.

case ready

You are ready to handle the intent.

case inProgress

You are in the process of handling the intent.

case success

You successfully handled the intent.

case failure

You were unable to book the ride.

case failureRequiringAppLaunch

The user must launch your app to book the ride.

case failureRequiringAppLaunchMustVerifyCredentials

The user must launch your app and verify their credentials to continue.

case failureRequiringAppLaunchNoServiceInArea

You do not provide rides in the area requested by the user.

case failureRequiringAppLaunchServiceTemporarilyUnavailable

Your service is temporarily unavailable.

case failureRequiringAppLaunchPreviousRideNeedsCompletion

An existing ride is currently in progress and the app can’t book a new ride.

case failureRequiringAppLaunchRideScheduledTooFar

The scheduled ride is out of the ride area and requires the user to open the app to fix the problem.

See Also

Getting the Response Code

var code: INRequestRideIntentResponseCode

The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.