An object that describes a reservation.


class INReservation : NSObject


Don’t create instances of this class directly. Instead, use the subclass associated with the type of reservation created.


Describing the Reservation

var reservationHolderName: String?

The reservation holder’s name.

var reservationNumber: String?

The reservation or booking number of the reservation.

var reservationStatus: INReservationStatus

The current status of the reservation.

var bookingTime: Date?

The date and time the user booked the reservation.

var itemReference: INSpeakableString

A unique reference for the reservation.

var actions: [INReservationAction]?

An array containing actions the user can perform on the reservation.


Inherits From

See Also

Common Reservation Data Objects

class INReservationAction

An action a user can perform that’s relevant to a reservation.

enum INReservationStatus

Constants that describe the current status of the reservation.

class INSeat

An object containing seat information associated with a reservation.