A restaurant for which your app can make and manage reservations.


class INRestaurant : NSObject


An INRestaurant object contains identifying information for a restaurant. You must work with Apple to integrate your restaurant-specific information into the back-end database. Later, when the user selects a restaurant and tries to book a reservation, Apple packages the information you provided into a restaurant object and delivers it to your Intents extension. You use that information to look up the restaurant on your own server and retrieve any necessary information about it.


Initializing a Restaurant Object

init(location: CLLocation, name: String, vendorIdentifier: String, restaurantIdentifier: String)

Initializes a restaurant object with some identifying information.

Accessing the Restaurant Information

var name: String

The name of the restaurant.

var location: CLLocation

The location of the restaurant.

var restaurantIdentifier: String

A unique identifier for the restaurant.

var vendorIdentifier: String

The provider of the restaurant data.


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See Also

Data Objects

class INRestaurantGuest

The person assigned to a reservation.

class INRestaurantGuestDisplayPreferences

Options about how to display guest information from system interfaces.

class INRestaurantOffer

Information about special offers made by a restaurant.

class INRestaurantReservationBooking

A potential reservation that a user can book.

class INRestaurantReservationUserBooking

A reservation created by a user.

class INTermsAndConditions

The terms and conditions of service when making restaurant reservations.

enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.