The person assigned to a reservation.


class INRestaurantGuest : INPerson


An INRestaurantGuest object identifies the user assigned to a reservation and includes contact information used to communicate changes or updates to the reservation. During the creation of a reservation, the system sends a INGetRestaurantGuestIntent intent to your Intents extension and asks it to provide the identity of the guest to assign to the reservation. You create an instance of this class and associate it with your response to that intent.

Depending on the preferences you return to the system about how to display guest information, the user might have the option of changing the name and contact info assigned to a reservation. When that happens, the system may return a new instance of this class during the final booking stages of the reservation with the revised guest information.


Initializing a Restaurant Guest

init(nameComponents: PersonNameComponents?, phoneNumber: String?, emailAddress: String?)

Initializes the object with the specified name and contact information for the user.

Accessing the Guest Information

var phoneNumber: String?

The phone number to use when contacting the user about reservations.

var emailAddress: String?

The email address to use when contacting the user about reservations.


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