A potential reservation that a user can book.


class INRestaurantReservationBooking : NSObject


An INRestaurantReservationBooking object contains information about a potential unbooked reservation. When handling a INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent object, create instances of this class for each time slot that you want to offer to the user. The system presents this information to the user, allowing them to choose which time slot they prefer. Each reservation booking contains details about the restaurant, date, and party size. They also contain information about special offers and any requirements needed to complete the reservation.

The creation of an INRestaurantReservationBooking object does not constitute the booking of the associated reservation. When the user selects a particular time slot, the system sends a INBookRestaurantReservationIntent object to your Intents extension with the selected reservation booking object. At that time, you use the reservation booking object to complete the reservation process.


Initializing the Reservation Booking Object

init(restaurant: INRestaurant, booking: Date, partySize: Int, bookingIdentifier: String)

Initializes the reservation object with the specified information and status.

Accessing the Reservation Information

var restaurant: INRestaurant

The restaurant associated with the reservation.

var partySize: Int

The total number of guests in the party.

var offers: [INRestaurantOffer]?

An array of special offers from the restaurant.

Accessing the Booking Information

var bookingIdentifier: String

The unique identifier associated with this reservation.

var isBookingAvailable: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the time slot is available for booking.

var bookingDate: Date

The date and time of the reservation.

var bookingDescription: String?

An optional description of the booking.

Configuring the Required Information

var requiresName: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the reservation requires a guest name before booking.

var requiresEmailAddress: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the reservation requires an email address before it booking.

var requiresPhoneNumber: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the reservation requires a phone number before booking.

var requiresManualRequest: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the reservation requires manually contacting the restaurant to confirm the details.


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See Also

Data Objects

class INRestaurant

A restaurant for which your app can make and manage reservations.

class INRestaurantGuest

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class INRestaurantGuestDisplayPreferences

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class INRestaurantOffer

Information about special offers made by a restaurant.

class INRestaurantReservationUserBooking

A reservation created by a user.

class INTermsAndConditions

The terms and conditions of service when making restaurant reservations.

enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.