A reservation created by a user.


class INRestaurantReservationUserBooking : INRestaurantReservationBooking


An INRestaurantReservationUserBooking object contains information about a reservation placed by a user. When the user actually books a reservation at a restaurant, you create an instance of this class to represent the reservation details. This object contains the specific details of the reservation, including any user-specified information such as selected offers or special requests.

You create instances of this class when providing responses to INBookRestaurantReservationIntent or INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent objects. After initializing an instance of this class with basic information, fill in any additional properties with details relevant to the reservation before returning it with your response.

For information about additional properties of this class that you can configure for a booking, see INRestaurantReservationBooking.


Accessing the Reservation Information

var guest: INRestaurantGuest

The guest associated with the reservation.

var status: INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

The current status of the reservation.

var dateStatusModified: Date

The date on which the status of the reservation changed.

var guestProvidedSpecialRequestText: String?

Any special requests made by the user with the reservation.

Accessing Special Offers

var selectedOffer: INRestaurantOffer?

The offer selected by the user.

var advisementText: String?

A user-readable string containing policies and information related to the reservation.


enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.

See Also

Data Objects

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class INRestaurantGuest

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enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.