Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.


enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus : UInt



case pending

The restaurant hasn’t confirmed or denied the reservation.

case confirmed

The restaurant accepted the reservation.

case denied

The restaurant declined the reservation.

See Also

Data Objects

class INRestaurant

A restaurant for which your app can make and manage reservations.

class INRestaurantGuest

The person assigned to a reservation.

class INRestaurantGuestDisplayPreferences

Options about how to display guest information from system interfaces.

class INRestaurantOffer

Information about special offers made by a restaurant.

class INRestaurantReservationBooking

A potential reservation that a user can book.

class INRestaurantReservationUserBooking

A reservation created by a user.

class INTermsAndConditions

The terms and conditions of service when making restaurant reservations.