A specific type of ride-related charge.


class INRideFareLineItem : NSObject


Create one or more INRideFareLineItem objects when you need to break down the cost of a ride using different pricing rules. For example, one line item might specify the base charge of the ride and a second line item might specify the per-mile charge. When displaying the ride information to the user, Siri and Maps display the line-item information.

The inclusion of line items in an INRideOption object is optional but recommended when the cost of the ride involves separate charges. When appropriate, create one or more INRideFareLineItem objects and attach them to your ride option object. Siri and Maps use the currency code you specify to apply the appropriate currency designator to the price information.


Initializing a Ride Fare Object

init!(title: String!, price: NSDecimalNumber!, currencyCode: String!)

Initializes the line item object with the specified title and pricing information.

Getting the Line Item Information

var title: String!

The localized string containing a description of the charge.

var price: NSDecimalNumber!

The cost value of the line item.

var currencyCode: String!

The ISO 4217 currency code that applies to the price information.


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Data Objects

class INRideOption

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