Instance Property


A template image for Maps to display when special prices apply.


@NSCopying var specialPricingBadgeImage: INImage? { get set }


When offering special pricing, use this property to specify an image for Maps to display next to the pricing information. The width and height of the image must both be 12 points and the image must be a template image—that is, an image whose alpha channel defines the shape of the image. Set this property to nil if special pricing does not apply.

See Also

Specifying Pricing Information

var priceRange: INPriceRange?

The range of prices for this ride option.

var specialPricing: String?

A user-visible string describing any special pricing considerations that apply to this ride.

var usesMeteredFare: Bool?

A Boolean value indicating whether the price uses a metered fare instead of a fixed price.

var fareLineItems: [INRideFareLineItem]?

An array of price-related items that break down the costs of the ride.