Instance Property


The localized text to display for selecting party size options.


var availablePartySizeOptionsSelectionPrompt: String? { get set }


Use this property to customize the text that Siri and Maps display to the user for party size selection. Display the text you provide as an option for the user to tap in the Siri or Maps interface. When tapped, display the party size options from the availablePartySizeOptions property so that the user can select one.

See Also

Specifying the Ride Information

var name: String

The name of this ride option.

var estimatedPickupDate: Date

The date and time when a ride of this type could be at the user’s location.

var disclaimerMessage: String?

A localized disclaimer message to display to the user before confirming the ride.

var availablePartySizeOptions: [INRidePartySizeOption]?

An array of size options for the user to choose from.