Instance Method


Initializes the object with the specified party size and price ranges.


- (instancetype)initWithPartySizeRange:(NSRange)partySizeRange sizeDescription:(NSString *)sizeDescription priceRange:(INPriceRange *)priceRange;



The party size for which the specified pricing applies. The location value of the range contains the minimum number of people. Adding the location and length values results in the maximum number of people. For example, a range value of (1, 0) represents a single person and a range value of (1, 2) represents 1 to 3 people.


The user-visible description of the party size. Use this parameter to specify a localized string that conveys the party size information to the current user. For example, for a range of 1 to 3 people, you might specify the string “1 to 3 passengers”.


The price range for a party of this size. Include this information when the number of passengers affects the price of the ride. Specify nil if the party size does not affect the price of the ride.

Return Value

An initialized party size option object or nil if the object could not be created.