The price of a ride involving the specified number of people.


class INRidePartySizeOption : NSObject


An INRidePartySizeOption object describes many passengers and the special pricing that applies to a party of that size. When configuring a INRideOption object, you create one or more instances of this class to specify pricing for the user’s party. Present this information to the user along with the other ride option information.


Initializing a Party Size Object

init(partySizeRange: NSRange, sizeDescription: String, priceRange: INPriceRange?)

Initializes the object with the specified party size and price ranges.

Getting the Party Size Information

var partySizeRange: NSRange

The number of people in the party, specified as a minimum and maximum value.

var sizeDescription: String

The user-visible description of the party size.

var priceRange: INPriceRange?

The pricing information for parties of the specified size.


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class INRideOption

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