Instance Property


The current status of the ride.


var phase: INRidePhase { get set }


Use this property to convey the current status of the ride. When doing the initial confirmation of details with the user, you typically set this property to INRidePhase.unknown. When the user books the ride, set the phase to INRidePhase.received if you have received the request but not yet assigned a driver to handle the request. After assigning a driver, change the status to INRidePhase.confirmed until the driver picks up the user, at which point you should change the phase to values indicating the pickup status.

When the ride is complete or canceled, change the value to INRidePhase.completed and update the completionStatus property with additional details about how the ride ended.

The default value of this property is INRidePhase.unknown.

See Also

Specifying the Ride Status

enum INRidePhase

Constants indicating the current ride status.

var completionStatus: INRideCompletionStatus?

Information about how the ride ended.