A specific vehicle used by a ride-booking service.


class INRideVehicle : NSObject


An INRideVehicle object provides information about a vehicle in your fleet. Use a vehicle object to convey details about a specific vehicle to the user. Siri and Maps present information about your vehicle’s location on the map and let the user know when the vehicle arrives.

You create an INRideVehicle object when the user books a ride or when you provide the current status of a ride. You assign the vehicle object to the vehicle property of the INRideStatus object that you include with your response.


Specifying the Vehicle’s Location

var location: CLLocation?

The most recent location of the vehicle.

var mapAnnotationImage: INImage?

The image to use for the vehicle when displaying its position on the map.

Specifying the Vehicle Description

var registrationPlate: String?

The text on the license plate or registration plate of the vehicle.

var manufacturer: String?

The name of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

var model: String?

The model of the vehicle.


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Data Objects

class INRideOption

Details about a type of ride offered by your ride-booking service.

class INRideStatus

The status of a ride booked through a ride-booking service.

class INRideDriver

Identifying information about a driver of a ride service.

class INRideFareLineItem

A specific type of ride-related charge.

class INRidePartySizeOption

The price of a ride involving the specified number of people.

class INRideCompletionStatus

Additional details about whether a ride completed successfully or someone canceled the ride.