Instance Method


Confirms whether you can save the settings to the designated profile.


optional func confirm(intent: INSaveProfileInCarIntent, completion: @escaping (INSaveProfileInCarIntentResponse) -> Void)



The intent object containing details about the user’s request. The information in this object has already been resolved by your handler object.


The handler block to execute with your response. You must execute this handler at some point during your implementation of this method. This handler has no return value and takes the following parameter:


The INSaveProfileInCarIntentResponse object containing the status of whether your app is able to save settings to a profile. This parameter must not be nil.


Implement this method to validate that you can save settings to a profile. For example, you might use this method to verify that you have an active connection to the vehicle or that you can use the specified profile name when saving the settings. At some point in your implementation, execute the provided completion block with a response object indicating your app’s readiness to make the change.