A request for the list of photos that match the specified criteria.


class INSearchForPhotosIntent : INIntent


The system creates an INSearchForPhotosIntent object when the user asks to search for photos in an app. The intent object contains the parameters to use during the search, including the possible name of a photo album, the people in the photos, or the location of the photos. Use this intent object to validate the search parameters and to begin the search process. When performing the search, use only the provided parameters and ignore any that have no values.

To handle this intent, the handler object in your Intents extension must adopt the INSearchForPhotosIntentHandling protocol. Your handler should confirm the request and create an INSearchForPhotosIntentResponse object with the results of the search. For successful searches, Siri offers the user a way to launch your app and see the results.

For a list of other intents in the photos domain, see INPhotosDomainHandling.

Additional Intent Attributes

Table 1 lists additional attributes of this intent object.

Table 1

Photo search intent attributes



Supported by

Siri Intents

Always requires unlocked device


Example Phrases

Users can ask Siri to search for photos in a variety of ways. Table 2 provides a few sample phrases in different languages. You can use these phrases during testing to trigger your intents. This list isn’t exhaustive and Siri may recognize many other phrases.

Table 2

Siri phrases that trigger the searching of photos


Example 1

Example 2


Look for beach photos taken last summer in <appName>














مستعملا <appName> اعثر على صور أشجار


åben beans og vis mig billeder jeg tog på island sidste måned

vis mig billeder jeg tog i sidste weekend på island med photos proto


Suche Fotos vom Strand von letztem Sommer in <appName>

Suche meine Fotos aus Tokio auf <appName>


Muéstrame las fotos que tomé en la playa el verano pasado usando <appName>

Busca mis fotos de Tokio en <appName>


Etsi viime kesänä otettuja rantakuvia <appName>ssa

Hae <appName>n rantakuvia eiliseltä


affiche-moi les photos de plages de l'été dernier que j'ai prises avec <appName>

Montre-moi avec <appName> les photos de l'année dernière de la plage


באמצעות <appName> תראה לי תמונות שצילמתי שבוע שעבר בסן חוזה

באמצעות <appName> תראה את אלבום התמונות הוואי


Cerca foto sulla spiaggia scattate la scorsa estate in <appName>

Mostra le mie foto di Parigi in <appName>





<appName>에서 작년에 찍은 해변 사진 찾아줘

<appName>에서 올해 찍은 공원 사진 찾아줘


Cari gambar yang saya ambil di Malaysia pada bulan ini dalam <appName>

Tunjukkan foto yang saya ambil minggu lepas di KLCC dengan <appName>


Finn bilder av strender fra i fjor i <appName>

Finn bilder av mitt bryllup i Bergen med <appName>


Zoek naar strand foto's die vorige zomer zijn genomen in <appName>

Vind op <appName> foto's van mijn bruiloft in Breda


Procure fotos de praia que tirei semana passada no <appName>

Acha as fotos de ontem à noite usando <appName>


С помощью <appName> покажи мне фотографии которые я сделала в Санкт Петербурге на прошлой неделе

Покажи мне фотографии которые я сделал на прошлых выходных в Исландии с помощью <appName>


Använd <appName> och visa mig strandbilder från förra veckan

Öppna <appName> och visa mig bilder på hundar som jag tog förra månaden


แสดงรูปที่ฉันถ่ายเมื่อสัปดาห์ที่แล้วที่ San Jose ใน <appName>

หารูปถ่ายที่ทะเลปีที่แล้วใน <appName>


İstanbul'da geçen hafta <appName>'la çektiğim fotoğrafları göster

<appName> kullanarak İstanbul'da geçen hafta çektiğim fotoğrafları göster

In Table 2, <appName> represents the name of the app whose Intents extension initiates the search. If your app uses custom photo album names, photo tags, or contact names, you can tell Siri about those names using the INVocabulary class.


Getting the People in the Photos

var peopleInPhoto: [INPerson]?

The people identified in the photos.

var peopleInPhotoOperator: INConditionalOperator

The operator that defines how to search for people in the photos.

Getting the Search Terms

var searchTerms: [String]?

An array of terms to look for in the photos.

var searchTermsOperator: INConditionalOperator

The operator that defines how to incorporate the search terms when performing the search.

Getting the Search Attributes

var dateCreated: INDateComponentsRange?

The range of dates during which someone took the pictures.

var locationCreated: CLPlacemark?

The location where someone took the photos.

var albumName: String?

The name of the album that contains the photos.

var includedAttributes: INPhotoAttributeOptions

The attributes that must be present in the photos.

var excludedAttributes: INPhotoAttributeOptions

The attributes that must not be present in the photos.

struct INPhotoAttributeOptions

Constants indicating attributes of a photo.


Inherits From

Conforms To

See Also

Search for Photos

Searching for Photos

Use SiriKit to search for photos managed by your app.

protocol INSearchForPhotosIntentHandling

The handler interface for searching the user’s photos.

class INSearchForPhotosIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a search for photos intent.

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