A resolution result for the recipient of a message.


class INSendMessageRecipientResolutionResult : INPersonResolutionResult


An INSendMessageRecipientResolutionResult object is what you return when resolving parameters containing an INPerson object. Use the unsupported(forReason:) method to provide additional context about why a recipient was invalid. Otherwise, use the creation method that best reflects your ability to successfully resolve the parameter.

For additional resolution options, see INPersonResolutionResult and INIntentResolutionResult.


Creating a Resolution Result Object

class func unsupported(forReason: INSendMessageRecipientUnsupportedReason) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution indicates that your app can’t use the specified person as a message recipient.

enum INSendMessageRecipientUnsupportedReason

Constants indicating the reason why a recipient is not supported.

init(personResolutionResult: INPersonResolutionResult)

Creates a resolution result object with the specified person resolution result object.


Conforms To

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Resolution Results

class INMessageAttributeResolutionResult

A resolution result for assorted attributes of a message.

class INMessageAttributeOptionsResolutionResult

A resolution result for the options applied to a message.

class INDateComponentsRangeResolutionResult

A resolution result for the range of dates associated with an intent.

class INPersonResolutionResult

A resolution result for a user associated with an intent.