Type Method


Creates an object whose resolution indicates that the specified value is not supported.


class func unsupported(forReason reason: INSendPaymentPayeeUnsupportedReason) -> Self



The reason why the specified person is unsupported. For a list of possible values, see INSendPaymentPayeeUnsupportedReason.

Return Value


Use this method when the designated payee does not meet your qualifications for receiving a payment. For example, you might use this method if the current user’s account does not have sufficient funds or you can’t verify the payee’s credentials.

See Also

Creating a Resolution Result Object

enum INSendPaymentPayeeUnsupportedReason

Constants indicating the reason for being unable to resolve the payee.

init(personResolutionResult: INPersonResolutionResult)

Creates a resolution result object with the specified person resolution result object.