The handler interface for sending ride feedback to your service.


protocol INSendRideFeedbackIntentHandling


Use the methods of the INSendRideFeedbackIntentHandling protocol to confirm and handle requests to send feedback about a ride to your service. Adopt this protocol in an object of your Intents extension that is capable of conveying the feedback to your service.

To initiate the delivery of an INSendRideFeedbackIntent, the user must have previously completed a ride in Maps or Siri and asked the user to provide feedback. Specifically, the INRideCompletionStatus object that you created must indicate that it requires feedback before beginning a new ride. (Maps also gives the user a chance to provide feedback proactively). After the user provides feedback, Siri delivers the feedback intent to your Intents extension.


Confirming the Intent

Handling the Intent


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Send Ride Feedback

class INSendRideFeedbackIntent

An intent indicating that the user provided feedback for a completed ride.

class INSendRideFeedbackIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a send ride feedback intent.