A trigger condition based on the user’s arrival or departure from a given location.


class INSpatialEventTrigger : NSObject


When configuring tasks, you can add an INSpatialEventTrigger object to display a reminder when the user approaches or leaves a specific location. Spatial event triggers rely on location services to generate events.


Initializing an Event Trigger

init(placemark: CLPlacemark, event: INSpatialEvent)

Initializes the event trigger with the specified location-based information.

Getting the Trigger Condition

var placemark: CLPlacemark

The location that triggers an event.

var event: INSpatialEvent

The conditions which trigger an event for the specified location.

enum INSpatialEvent

Constants indicating when to deliver location-related events.


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See Also

Event Triggers

class INTemporalEventTrigger

A trigger condition based on a date or time.

class INTemporalEventTriggerTypeOptionsResolutionResult

A resolution result that adds a temporal event trigger.