Instance Method


Called when it is time for you to hand off the call to your app.



func handle(intent: INStartAudioCallIntent, completion: @escaping (INStartAudioCallIntentResponse) -> Void)



The intent object containing details about the user’s request. The information in this object has already been resolved and confirmed by the user.


The handler block to execute with your response. You must execute this handler at some point during your implementation of this method. This handler has no return value and takes the following parameter:


The INStartAudioCallIntentResponse object containing the status of the request. This parameter must not be nil.


Use this method to turn control of the call over to your app. Perform any final checks and create a response object with the information needed to initiate the call in your app. Do not try to initiate the call directly from this method. When your response object contains the INStartAudioCallIntentResponseCode.continueInApp code, Siri automatically launches your app and passes it the NSUserActivity object from your response object.