The handler interface for searching the user’s photos and the playback of the results.


protocol INStartPhotoPlaybackIntentHandling


Use the methods of the INStartPhotoPlaybackIntentHandling protocol to resolve, confirm, and handle requests to search the user’s photos and initiate playback of a slideshow. Adopt this protocol in an object of your Intents extension that is capable of performing the search and determining the number of results. Siri does not display the photos found during the search. After a successful search, Siri launches your app so that it can begin the slideshow.

Siri delivers an INStartPhotoPlaybackIntent object to your handler when the user asks to start a slideshow. The provided intent object contains the search parameters to use for matching photos to include in the slideshow. Use the methods of this protocol to resolve the search parameters, to perform the search, and to return the number of photos that match the criteria.


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Start Photo Playback

class INStartPhotoPlaybackIntent

A request to search for photos and initiate a slideshow with the results.

class INStartPhotoPlaybackIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a start photo playback intent.