Constants indicating the status of the response.


enum INStartPhotoPlaybackIntentResponseCode : Int



case unspecified

The status was not specified.

case ready

You are ready to handle the intent. During the confirmation phase of an intent, use this code to signal that your app is ready and able to act on the intent.

case continueInApp

Your extension is ready to transfer control to the app so that the slideshow can begin. Upon returning this code, Siri launches your app and passes it the NSUserActivity object you provided at initialization time. (If you did not provide a user activity object, Siri creates one for you.) Siri adds an INInteraction object with the intent and your response to the user activity object before delivering it. Your app should use the information in the user activity object to start the slideshow.

case failure

You were unable to start the slideshow. Use this code for both transient and unrecoverable errors that would prevent your app from searching the user’s photos or starting the slideshow.

case failureRequiringAppLaunch

The user must launch your app to start the slideshow. Use this response code when you cannot handle the request via Siri for a reason not covered by any other response code. For example, you might use this code if the user has not set up an account with your app. Do not use it for general errors or to force the user to launch your app.

case failureAppConfigurationRequired

The user must perform additional configuration steps before playing slideshows is possible.

See Also

Getting the Response Code

var code: INStartPhotoPlaybackIntentResponseCode

The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.