A request to start a video call with one or more users.


The system creates INStartVideoCallIntent objects to let you know when the user wants to place a video call using your app. A video call intent object contains the users to be called. It is up to you to match the information in this object to contacts in your app and to initiate the resulting call.

Your Intents extension receives this intent when the user tries to initiate a call from the Siri interface. If your app supports CallKit, you may also receive this intent when the user tries to initiate a call from system interfaces such as the Recents tab of the Phone app.

To handle this intent, the handler object in your Intents extension must adopt the INStartVideoCallIntentHandling protocol. Your handler should confirm the request and create an INStartVideoCallIntentResponse object to indicate that it is possible to begin the call. Do not try to initiate calls directly from your Intents extension. SiriKit launches your app and passes it an NSUserActivity object that your app must then use to initiate the call. SiriKit places an INInteraction object in the user activity object with this intent. For calls initiated through Siri, the interaction object also includes the response provided by your Intents extension.)

For a list of other intents in the VoIP calling domain, see INCallsDomainHandling.

Additional Intent Attributes

Table 1 lists additional attributes of this intent object.

Table 1

Start video call intent attributes



Supported by


Always requires unlocked device

If your app adopts CallKit, the system does not require an unlocked device. Instead, your app runs in the background and the system displays the in-call user interface on your app’s behalf.

If your app does not adopt CallKit, SiriKit prompts the user to unlock the device so that your app can be launched. If the device is already unlocked, SiriKit launches the app in the foreground.

Apps can optionally ask the user to unlock the device before handling this intent. To require unlocking of the device, include the name of this class in the IntentsRestrictedWhileLocked key of your Intents extension’s Info.plist file.

Example Phrases

There are many ways in which users can ask Siri to place a video call. Table 2 provides a few sample phrases in different languages. You can use these phrases during testing to trigger your intents. This list is not exhaustive and Siri may recognize many other phrases.

Table 2

Siri phrases that trigger the placing of a video call


Example 1

Example 2










مكالمة فيديو عبر <appName>

اتصل فيديو باستخدام <appName>



Videoanruf bei Hans mit <appName>

Videokonferenz mit Hans mit <appName>


Llamada de video a Salvador en <appName>

Vídeollamada a Gustavo por <appName>


Soita videopuhelu Annalle <appName>illa

Soita <appName> kuvapuhelu Hannulle


Fais un appel vidéo avec Alexandre sur <appName>

Appelle Alexandre sur <appName> avec la vidéo


תתקשרי למשה ב<appName>

תתקשרי ל-0525552222 באמצעות <appName>






<appName>으로 충헌이한테 영상통화 해줘

<appName>에서 충헌이한테 화상통화 해줘


Buat panggilan video <appName>

Buat panggilan video ke Aaron menggunakan <appName>


Start en videosamtale til Stein med <appName>

Videosamtale med <appName> til Marie


Start een videogesprek met Piet via <appName>

Bel Sara met video via <appName>


Fazer uma ligação de vídeo pro João no <appName>

Ligar com vídeo para Maria usando <appName>


Видео звонок моему папе по <appName>

Начать видео звонок с Ильёй через <appName>


Ring ett videosamtal med <appName> till Erik

Ring Maja med <appName> videosamtal


Facetime หา <Name> ผ่าน <appName>


Hasan’ı <appName> ile görüntülü ara

Halim'e <appName> üzerinden görüntülü arama yap

In the preceding examples, <appName> represents the name of the app whose Intents extension initiates the call. If your app uses custom names for contacts, you can tell Siri about those names using the INVocabulary class.


Initializing the Intent Object

init(contacts: [INPerson]?)

Initializes the start video call intent object with the specified contacts.

Getting the Recipients of the Call

var contacts: [INPerson]?

The users to call.


Inherits From

Conforms To

See Also

Start a Video Call

protocol INStartVideoCallIntentHandling

The handler interface for initiating a video call from your app.

class INStartVideoCallIntentResponse

Your response to a start video call intent.