An individual task the user needs to complete.


class INTask : NSObject


Use task objects to represent tasks for the user to complete. Each task object contains a description of the task, its current completion state, and any trigger conditions to remind the user to complete the task.


Getting the Task Content

var title: INSpeakableString

The text that describes the task.

Getting the Task Completion Status

var status: INTaskStatus

The current completion state of the task.

enum INTaskStatus

Constants indicating the completion state of a task.

Getting the Event Triggers

var temporalEventTrigger: INTemporalEventTrigger?

A time-based trigger that reminds the user to complete the task.

var spatialEventTrigger: INSpatialEventTrigger?

A location-based trigger that reminds the user to complete the task.

Getting the Modification Dates

var createdDateComponents: DateComponents?

The initial creation date of the task.

var modifiedDateComponents: DateComponents?

The date on which the intent updated the task.

Getting the Task Type

var taskType: INTaskType

Information about the behavior of the task in your app.

enum INTaskType

Constants indicating how the task behaves.

Identifying the Task

var identifier: String?

The unique identifier that your app uses to identify the task.

Identifying the Task Priority

var priority: INTaskPriority

The priority for the task.


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Task Objects

class INTaskList

A collection of individual tasks.