A collection of individual tasks.


class INTaskList : NSObject


A task list stores tasks related that are in some way related to each other. For example, a user might create a “party prep” task list that contains the individual tasks to perform to get ready for a party. The title of a task list describes its purpose, and individual tasks within the list have their own descriptions and completion states. Tasks can also have triggers to indicate when the user receives reminders to complete the task.


Getting the Task Attributes

var title: INSpeakableString

The title text for the task list.

var tasks: [INTask]

The array of individual tasks to perform.

Getting the Group Name

var groupName: INSpeakableString?

The user-visible name of the group that contains the task list.

Getting the Modification Dates

var createdDateComponents: DateComponents?

The creation date of the task list.

var modifiedDateComponents: DateComponents?

The date on which the intent most recently modified the task list.

Identifying the Task List

var identifier: String?

The unique identifier that you use to identify the task list internally.


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Task Objects

class INTask

An individual task the user needs to complete.