A view controller that lets the user edit or remove an existing shortcut.


class INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewController : UIViewController


To let the user edit or remove a shortcut, create an instance of INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewController with the INVoiceShortcut. Then present the view controller to the user. To receive notifications of changes made to the shortcut, set the controller's delegate to an object that conforms to the INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewControllerDelegate protocol.


Creating a Shortcut Editor

init(voiceShortcut: INVoiceShortcut)

Creates a view controller with the shortcut to edit or remove.

Handling View Controller Events

var delegate: INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewControllerDelegate?

The object that retrieves notifications from the view controller.

protocol INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewControllerDelegate

The protocol an object implements to receive notifications from the view controller that edits or removes a shortcut in Siri.

See Also

Shortcut Editors

class INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController

A view controller that guides the user through the steps for adding a shortcut to Siri.

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