Instance Method


Called when it is time to configure your view controller’s content.


optional func configure(with interaction: INInteraction, context: INUIHostedViewContext, completion: @escaping (CGSize) -> Void)



The interaction object containing the intent and response objects. Use the information in this object to configure the content of your view controller’s view. For some types of interactions, only an intent object is available.


The context in which your view controller is displayed. Use this parameter to determine whether your view controller is to be displayed in the Maps or Siri interface. You can customize your view controller accordingly for each interface.


The block to execute when you finish configuring your view controller. You must execute this block at some point in your implementation of this method. This block has no return value and takes the following parameter:


The size you want applied to the view controller’s view. Specify a value that is between the allowed minimum and maximum size, which you can get from the view controller’s associated NSExtensionContext object. Specify CGRectZero to hide your view controller’s content altogether.


Before displaying your view controller, Siri and Maps call this method so that you can configure the contents of your view controller’s view. Use the interaction and context parameters to configure the view. When you are done, execute the provided completion block and specify the size for the view. The size you specify must be between the values in the hostedViewMinimumAllowedSize and hostedViewMaximumAllowedSize properties of the view controller’s NSExtensionContext object. Siri tries to use the size you provide but may adjust it to fit the available space.

After your view controller is onscreen, Maps may call this method additional times to deliver updated information. Each time the method is called, use the new data to update your interface. Execute the completion block when you are finished.

If you implement the configureView(for:of:interactiveBehavior:context:completion:) method in your view controller, SiriKit does not call this method.