The manager object you use to suggest media to the user.


class INUpcomingMediaManager : NSObject


Use this class to provide Siri a list of media intents for content that the user hasn’t listened to or watched, but might be interested in. For example, a podcast app may provide the latest episodes of the podcast, or a video app may provide the most recent episodes of TV shows, or suggest new movies.


Getting the Upcoming-Media Manager

class var shared: INUpcomingMediaManager

The shared upcoming media manager.

Suggesting Media Intent Shortcuts

func setSuggestedMediaIntents(NSOrderedSet)

Provides Siri with a list of media intents to suggest to the user.

Setting Prediction Modes

func setPredictionMode(INUpcomingMediaPredictionMode, for: INMediaItemType)

Suggests how Siri should predict media intent shortcuts.

enum INUpcomingMediaPredictionMode

Prediction modes for upcoming media intent shortcuts.


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