Sample Code

Controlling Audio with SiriKit

Control audio playback and handle add media requests using SiriKit Media Intents



This sample code project is associated with WWDC 2019 session 207: Introducing SiriKit Media Intents (

Configure the Sample Code Project

Before you run the sample code project in Xcode:

Step 1. Create an App Group for in your developer portal

Step 2. Create an App ID for in your developer portal, enabling it for App Groups (to the app group created in step 1), and SiriKit

Step 3. Create a Music ID for in your developer portal

Step 4. Create a Key for the MusicKit service and create a developer token via the steps on

Step 5. Copy this developer token to the developerToken variable in the MusicKitAPIController.swift file

Step 6. Create a provisioning profile for and in your developer portal

Step 7. Associate these provisioning profiles with the project in Xcode signing settings