Media Intent Shortcuts

Provide a convenient way for users to listen to and watch media content from your app with shortcuts.


Siri can suggest shortcuts to audio and video available in your app when the user may want to listen to or watch the content. For instance, Siri may suggest a playlist to the user after they connect headphones to their iPhone. These suggestions give the user a convenient way to play the media in your app.

In order for Siri to suggest media content, donate an INPlayMediaIntent object to Siri after the user plays the content (see Donating Shortcuts). To have Siri suggest new media that might be of interest to the user, save INPlayMediaIntent shortcuts for the new content to the INUpcomingMediaManager.


Playable Media Intents

Playing Media Through Siri Shortcuts

Play audio and video from your app using media intent shortcuts.

protocol INPlayMediaIntentHandling

The interface an object implements to confirm and handle play media intents.

class INMediaItem

An object that describes a piece of media content such as a song, TV show, artist, or podcast playlist.

class INPlayMediaIntent

An intent containing information about media playable from your app.

class INPlayMediaIntentResponse

Your response to a play media intent.

Upcoming Media

class INUpcomingMediaManager

The manager object you use to suggest media to the user.

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enum INShortcut

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class INInteraction

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class INObject

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