Send messages and search the user’s received messages.


With the messaging domain, users can ask Siri to compose new messages or search for existing messages. For new messages, your extension handles the composition and sending of the user’s message through your service. Similarly, your extension handles searches directly and returns any results to SiriKit. After a search, the user can ask Siri to read the returned messages and mark them as read. This may result in more calls to your intents extension to update the message attributes.

Figure 1

Sending a message using Siri

Sending a message using Siri

On iOS, you can use an Intents UI app extension to display a custom message composition interface.


Search for Messages

protocol INSearchForMessagesIntentHandling

An interface that handles requests to search the current user’s messages.

class INSearchForMessagesIntent

A request to list the messages matching the specified criteria.

class INSearchForMessagesIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a search for messages intent.

Send a Message

protocol INSendMessageIntentHandling

An interface to handle sending messages to one or more designated users.

class INSendMessageIntent

A request to send a message to the designated recipients.

class INSendMessageIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a send message intent.

Set Message Attributes

protocol INSetMessageAttributeIntentHandling

An interface that handles modifying message attributes.

class INSetMessageAttributeIntent

A request to modify the attributes of a message.

class INSetMessageAttributeIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a set message attribute intent.

Data Objects

class INMessage

Information about a message managed by your app.

enum INMessageAttribute

Constants indicating an attribute of a message.

struct INMessageAttributeOptions

Constants indicating the status of a message.

class INPerson

The information about a user involved in a SiriKit interaction.

Resolution Results

class INMessageAttributeResolutionResult

A resolution result for assorted attributes of a message.

class INMessageAttributeOptionsResolutionResult

A resolution result for the options applied to a message.

class INDateComponentsRangeResolutionResult

A resolution result for the range of dates associated with an intent.

class INSendMessageRecipientResolutionResult

A resolution result for the recipient of a message.

class INPersonResolutionResult

A resolution result for a user associated with an intent.

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