Relevant Shortcuts

Display shortcuts on the Siri watch face.


You use a relevant shortcut to display an INShortcut object on the Siri watch face. The shortcut is an action, defined as an NSUserActivity or INIntent object, that might be useful or meaningful to the user within a particular context. For instance, a user might want the option to start a workout when they arrive at the gym, or to meditate in the morning. Each relevant shortcut consists of a shortcut and optional relevance providers that inform Siri when a shortcut might be relevant to the user.

To display your shortcuts on the Siri watch face, create an INRelevantShortcut for your INShortcut, and save it to the system using INRelevantShortcutStore. The user can see relevant shortcuts on the Siri watch face, which displays each shortcut in a card. When the user taps the card, the system invokes the shortcut.

Although relevant shortcuts are only available from the Siri watch face, your iOS app doesn’t require a companion watchOS app to provide relevant shortcuts to the user.


First Steps

Defining Relevant Shortcuts for Your App

Provide Siri relevant shortcuts to display on the Siri watch face.

class INRelevantShortcut

An object that defines a shortcut and its relevance to the user.

class INRelevantShortcutStore

An object that saves relevant shortcuts.

Relevance Providers

class INRelevanceProvider

An abstract class that represents a relevance provider.

class INDailyRoutineRelevanceProvider

The provider class that specifies a relevant daily routine.

class INDateRelevanceProvider

The provider class that specifies a relevant day and time.

class INLocationRelevanceProvider

The provider class that specifies a relevant location.

Siri Watch Face Cards

Displaying Shortcut Information in a Siri Watch Face Card

Display and customize watch-specific shortcut information with a default card template.

class INDefaultCardTemplate

A card template for customizing the Siri watch face for a shortcut.

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enum INShortcut

An action available in your app that the system may suggest to a user or a user may add to Siri.

class INInteraction

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