Resolving and Handling Intents

Resolve, confirm, and handle user requests for your app’s services.


SiriKit works with your Intents app extension to verify that you are able to fulfill the user’s request based on the provided information. During the resolution phase, you validate the individual parameters of an intent object and ask SiriKit for clarifications as needed. During the confirmation phase, you perform one final check of all intent parameters and verify that your services are ready to fulfill the intent. If you validate the intent successfully, SiriKit asks you to handle the intent.


Resolving and Handling Intents

Resolving the Parameters of an Intent

Validate the parameters of an intent and make sure that you have the information you need to continue.

Confirming the Details of an Intent

Perform final validation of the intent parameters and verify that your services are ready to fulfill the intent.

Handling an Intent

Fulfill the intent and provide feedback to SiriKit about what you did.


class INIntentResolutionResult

A resolution result for a parameter of an intent object.

class INIntentResponse

Your response to an intent object.

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