Restaurant Reservations

Create and manage restaurant reservations with help from the Maps app.


Users can book restaurant reservations and view their current reservations from Maps. You provide Apple with information about the restaurants that you support before implementing support for these intents. When the user books a restaurant, Maps includes your information in the intents that it sends to your Intents app extension, which uses the information to complete the booking.

Figure 1

Making restaurant reservations using Maps

A screenshot showing a restaurant location in Maps and a reservation-making sheet

This API requires you to work with Apple Maps before your app can use it. For information on how to get started, go to


Book Restaurant Reservation

protocol INBookRestaurantReservationIntentHandling

The handler interface booking a reservation that the user selected.

class INBookRestaurantReservationIntent

A request to create a reservation at the specified restaurant.

class INBookRestaurantReservationIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a book restaurant reservation intent.

Get Available Restaurant Reservation Booking Defaults

protocol INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingDefaultsIntentHandling

The handler interface for providing default values to the system when pre-fetching an initial set of possible reservation times.

class INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingDefaultsIntent

A request for the default values to use when fetching potential reservation options.

class INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingDefaultsIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a get available restaurant reservation booking defaults intent.

Get Available Restaurant Reservation Bookings

protocol INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentHandling

The handler interface for generating a list of potential reservation times from which the user can select.

class INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent

A request for the time slots available for making a reservation.

class INGetAvailableRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a get available restaurant reservation bookings intent.

Get Restaurant Guest

protocol INGetRestaurantGuestIntentHandling

The handler interface for fetching information about the person making a reservation.

class INGetRestaurantGuestIntent

A request for information about the guest who is making reservations.

class INGetRestaurantGuestIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a get restaurant guest intent.

Get User Current Restaurant Reservation Bookings

protocol INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentHandling

The handler interface for fetching and delivering the user’s current reservations.

class INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent

A request for the list of the user’s current reservations.

class INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a get user current restaurant reservation bookings intent.

Data Objects

class INRestaurant

A restaurant for which your app can make and manage reservations.

class INRestaurantGuest

The person assigned to a reservation.

class INRestaurantGuestDisplayPreferences

Options about how to display guest information from system interfaces.

class INRestaurantOffer

Information about special offers made by a restaurant.

class INRestaurantReservationBooking

A potential reservation that a user can book.

class INRestaurantReservationUserBooking

A reservation created by a user.

class INTermsAndConditions

The terms and conditions of service when making restaurant reservations.

enum INRestaurantReservationUserBookingStatus

Constants indicating the status of a user reservation.

Resolution Results

class INRestaurantResolutionResult

A resolution result for the restaurant selected by a user.

class INRestaurantGuestResolutionResult

A resolution result for the identity of a user involved in booking a reservation at a restaurant.

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