Shortcut Management

Enable users to add shortcuts to Siri, and have your app suggest shortcuts to users.


First Steps

Suggesting Shortcuts to Users

Make suggestions for shortcuts the user may want to add to Siri.

Manage Shortcuts

class INVoiceShortcutCenter

Retrieve the user's shortcuts and make shortcut suggestions.

class INVoiceShortcut

A shortcut the user added to Siri.


Shortcut Button

class INUIAddVoiceShortcutButton

A button that allows the user to add or edit a shortcut.


Shortcut Editors

class INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController

A view controller that guides the user through the steps for adding a shortcut to Siri.

class INUIEditVoiceShortcutViewController

A view controller that lets the user edit or remove an existing shortcut.


See Also


Donating Shortcuts

Tell Siri about shortcuts to actions that the user performed in your app.

Deleting Donated Shortcuts

Remove your donations from Siri.

Soup Chef: Accelerating App Interactions with Shortcuts

Make it easy for people to use Siri with your app by providing shortcuts to your app’s actions.

Relevant Shortcuts

Tell Siri about shortcuts available from your app for actions that the user may perform in the future.

Media Shortcuts

Provide media playback shortcuts.

class INShortcutReference

An action available in your app that the system may suggest to a user or a user may add to Siri.

class INInteraction

An interaction between the user and your app involving an intent object.

class INObject

An intent parameter object for the custom type.


Beta Software

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