Donating Reservations

Inform Siri of reservations made from your app.


Siri Event Suggestions integrates reservations made in your app seamlessly with the system, sharing the information with certain apps and features, such as Calendar, Maps, Spotlight, and the Lock Screen. These apps and features can use the information to remind the user to check-in for a flight, get directions to a hotel reservation, return a rental car, or any of several other options. For a complete list of supported reservation types, such as flight, hotel, and car rental, see Siri Event Suggestions. Siri learns about reservations made from your app from donations that your app makes to Siri.

Donate Reservations at the Right Time

Donate a reservation each time the user views a reservation in your app. For instance, when a user creates a new reservation, donate the reservation after the user views and confirms the information. Make one, and only one, donation per reservation as the user views the reservation. If the user views the reservation again using your app, make another donation. For example, if the user makes a reservation through your website and then views the reservation in your app, make a donation. However, don’t make more than one donation for an action at the time the user performs the action.

Donate an Interaction

Your app donates an INInteraction object that contains information about the reservation using the INGetReservationDetailsIntent and INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponse classes, along with the relevant INReservation subclass.

To donate the intent, create an instance of the intent and intent response classes and set the parameter values. To recommend a voice phrase that the user may want to add to Siri, set the intent’s suggestedInvocationPhrase property to a string containing the phrase.

After creating the intent, create an instance of INInteraction and call its donateInteractionWithCompletion: method, passing in the intent. Passing the intent tells Siri about the reservation.

Handle User Interaction

Apps offering reservations with check-in capabilities can integrate with Shortcuts Suggestions on the Lock Screen and allow users to launch your app to complete the check-in. Create the appropriate reservation class with an array of INReservationAction objects that contain the user activity and relevant time frame. Siri provides users with the ability to launch your app with the reservation and check-in information. For example, a flight reservation app may provide users the ability to check-in for a flight starting 24 hours before the departure time.

Siri may launch your app with an NSUserActivity that contains an INInteraction object after a user interacts with a previously donated reservation through Calendar or Spotlight. Similarly, Siri may launch your app with the previously donated NSUserActivity provided in the INReservationAction object when the user interacts with a check-in Shortcuts Suggestion on the Lock Screen. Your app uses the interaction information to configure itself and display information related to the specified reservation. For example, your app displays the user’s flight information and provides a check-in button for their next flight.