Siri Event Suggestions

Provide users with current, actionable information connected to a reservation.


Siri can expose reservation information from your app in context and at specific times so the user can take relevant actions based on the circumstances. Your app donates an INInteraction object that contains information about the reservation that can be sent to the user to allow them to confirm a hotel reservation, remind them to check in for a flight, help them return a rental car, and several other options.

Apps offering reservations with check-in capabilities can integrate with Shortcuts Suggestions on the Lock Screen and allow users to launch your app to complete checking in for their reservation. Create a new reservation object with an array of INReservationAction objects that contain the user activity and relevant time frame. Siri provides users with the ability to launch your app with the user activity and time frame information. For instance, a flight reservation app may provide users the ability to check-in for a flight starting 24 hours before the departure time.



Donating Reservations

Inform Siri of reservations made from your app.

Integrating with Siri Event Suggestions

Provide deep system integration by sharing reservation details with Siri

Get Reservation Details

class INGetReservationDetailsIntent

A request for details about one or more reservations.

class INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a request for reservation details.


Common Reservation Data Objects

class INReservation

An object that describes a reservation.

class INReservationAction

An action a user can perform that’s relevant to a reservation.

enum INReservationStatus

Constants that describe the current status of the reservation.

class INSeat

An object containing seat information associated with a reservation.


Flight Reservation Data

class INFlightReservation

The information that describes a flight reservation.

class INFlight

The information that describes a flight.

class INAirline

The information that describes an airline.

class INAirport

The information that describes an airport.

class INAirportGate

The information that describes an arrival or departure gate for a flight.


Train Reservation Data

class INTrainReservation

The information that describes a train reservation.

class INTrainTrip

The information that describes a train trip.


Restaurant Reservation Data

class INRestaurantReservation

The information that describes a restaurant reservation.


Rental Car Reservation Data

class INRentalCarReservation

The information that describes a rental car reservation.

class INRentalCar

The information that describes a rental car.


Lodging Reservation Data

class INLodgingReservation

The information that describes a lodging reservation.


Ticketed Event Reservation Data

class INTicketedEventReservation

The information that describes a ticketed event reservation.

class INTicketedEvent

The information that describes a ticketed event.


Beta Software

This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology in development. This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this documentation should be tested with final operating system software.

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