Visual Codes

Convey contact and payment information using Quick Response (QR) codes.


With the visual codes domain, users can make payments, request payments, or communicate their contact information using a scannable visual code. If your app supports Quick Response codes (QR codes), adopt the intents in this domain to display those codes directly from Siri. For apps that support QR codes for multiple features, users can specify the purpose of the intent when making a request to Siri.

In addition to asking apps to display visual codes, users can also ask Siri to scan codes. Scanned codes are not routed through your intents app extension. Instead, Siri uses the information in the scanned code to notify the affected app directly.


Get Visual Code

protocol INGetVisualCodeIntentHandling

The handler interface for displaying your app’s visual codes.

class INGetVisualCodeIntent

A request for a visual code to use for exchanging payment and contact information.

class INGetVisualCodeIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a request for a visual code.

Data Objects

class INImage

Image data inside an Intents extension or Intents UI extension.

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