VoIP Calling

Initiate calls and search the user’s call history.


With the VoIP domain, users can ask Siri to initiate audio and video calls or search for calls already received by your app. Your Intents app extension validates the intent parameters, but doesn’t place calls or perform searches directly. Instead, SiriKit expects you to hand off control to your app, which is responsible for displaying the search results and managing calls.

Figure 1

Initiating an audio call from Siri

Initiating an audio call from Siri


Start a Call

protocol INStartCallIntentHandling

An interface that handles requests to start audio and video calls.

class INStartCallIntent

A request to start an audio or video call with one or more users.

class INStartCallIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a start call intent.

Search the Call History

protocol INSearchCallHistoryIntentHandling

The handler interface for searching the user’s call history.

class INSearchCallHistoryIntent

A request to list the calls matching the specified criteria.

class INSearchCallHistoryIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a search call history intent.

Data Objects

class INCallRecord

The details about a call handled by your app.

enum INCallRecordType

Constants describing the type of the call.

struct INCallRecordTypeOptions

Constants describing the types of calls to include during a search.

enum INCallDestinationType

Constants describing the destination of a call.

Resolution Results

class INCallCapabilityResolutionResult

A resolution result for the call capability for the call.

class INCallDestinationTypeResolutionResult

A resolution result for the destination type of a call.

class INCallRecordTypeResolutionResult

A resolution result for the types of calls that your app handled.

class INCallRecordTypeOptionsResolutionResult

A resolution result for the call types to include in a search.

class INStartCallCallCapabilityResolutionResult

A resolution result for the call capability for the call.

class INStartCallContactResolutionResult

A resolution result for the contact for the call.

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